11 American Made Brands You Should Know

American Made Workwear

American made workwear may seem elusive, too expensive, or inferior. We simply don’t make very much here anymore, and people have gotten used to the low prices (and low quality) imported workwear that hardly lasts a full year. While stalwart brands like Carhartt still dominate the jobsite, some workers prefer to support smaller local companies for their workwear needs.

Origin Maine is a true startup in every sense. The founder cleared the land where Origins factory now stands, and they take every measure to source components domestically. They didn’t begin as a workwear company, but it seems to be a natural path for them. Highlights include their Built Field Pants and Built Boots for some bulletproof American workwear.

The name says it all: the diamond shaped crotch gusset makes crouching in these American made jeans easy. When your job requires constant movement from a kneeling or crouching position to standing, this gusset becomes essential.

All American Clothing Co offer not only their own products, but some from other American made products as well. The All American Clothing workwear looks like a lot of tried and true models you’re probably familiar with. Duck canvas, denim, all sewn up in classic pieces.

The idea of someone spending time in a workshop, creating the best and highest quality workwear possible is alluring. I love the thought of a very talented maker pushing the limits of what’s possible and that’s what Ciano Farmer Denim Co have done. Just have a look around his website and I promise you’ll find something that you simply have to own.

The underserved segment of womens workwear is typically clogged with pastel colored, smaller versions of mens models. Red Ants Pants flips that idea on its head by offering American Made work pants for women of all shapes and sizes.

Offering what some would call the finest overalls in the world, Red Clouds Collective blurs the line between workwear and artisan-designed casual clothing. Another small workshop quietly turning out some of the finest clothing available in the United States.

I’ve heard more great things about Grease Point Workwear than any other small maker. The founder works his farm as a primary job and creates vintage inspired workwear in the off season, so you can bet he knows what working people need! Along with that insight, customizations can be made if double-front pants aren’t your thing.

Started by two firemen in New Jersey, Heat Straps make the toughest work jacket I’ve ever worn: the Chief Coat. Made in the USA from 100% American sourced components, this 24oz waxed canvas beast shrugs off conditions that would shred lesser jackets. For now their products are limited to jackets, but hopefully they’ll expand their offerings soon!

Hailing from Oklahoma, Round House has been around for almost 120 years. Making workwear for the people who built America in the days before 3D coordination, GPS navigated equipment, or even jobsite phones. It’s safe to assume they know a thing or two about making legendary workwear.

Founded in 1913, Tennessee brand LC King has seemingly gone through a recent refresh. They might be best known for their chore coats, but browsing through their website reveals a much broader product offering with pants, coats, and shirts.

1620 Workwear is the company I’m most excited about because they are pushing the limits of workwear as we know it. Utilizing completely new textiles, designs, and a “Guaranteed For Life” promise. It’s no wonder plenty of hard working men and women have adopted 1620 as their new American made workwear brand of choice.